Happy 2 Year Anniversary!!!!!!

Hey Wonderful Folks,

We decided to write a list of the 10 most important things we learned over the 2 years we have been married! It seems like the time just flew right on by. When we first got married, it was just me hanging out with my best friend. Now a family of 2 became a family of FOUR in such a short time.

  1. PRAY Together- This is the most important thing that we learned. We have to continue to pray for and with one another.
  2. Always keep open communication- Talk, talk, and talk some more. We found that this eliminates a lot of assumptions and misunderstandings.
  3. We do NOT go to bed angry- We resolve our issues before going to bed and don’t let things linger on to the next day, week or even month.
  4. We FORGIVE LIKE CRAZY- There are going to be disagreements, hurts, misunderstandings and you’re going to have to be quick to forgive. Jim happens to be better at this than I am lol.
  5. Spend Quality Time Together- Even though we are new to parenthood and want to spend every waking moment with our little man, we have got to spend time alone to nourish our relationship.
  6. Be Intimate- Make time to not only be alone together, but to enjoy each other intimately; and NOT AS A CHORE!
  7. Support each other’s dreams and goals-Jim is super ambitious and had a goal to get yet another promotion and he also put a date on when he wanted that to happen. So I put it on the vision board, started speaking to him as if he already had the position, and even suggested he change his attire as if he already had it, and sure enough he got the position before the date that he set to get it. (Won’t God Do It!)
  8. Have date nights-We realize we are still married and Jim always says it’s important to stay connected, stay together and stay in love. So we have our night which is Tuesday and that night it’s all about US. We do NOT budge on this night or make other plans because it is truly the ONLY night we get to have to enjoy one another.
  9. DO NOT EXPECT THE OTHER PERSON TO MAKE YOU HAPPY-This is a big one because every single day is not going to be peaches and cream! I notice that some people will say they are so unhappy because of what their spouse is NOT doing. But what are you doing to make yourself happy. Jim is the king at this. See he is already a happy person so he is going to do what makes him happy. If he wants to watch a football game, play a video game, or listen to music then he is going to do that and he is perfectly happy doing it and he always encourages me to do it too. I love reading books, making t-shirts and cards, and shopping. So he encourages me to do the things that make me happy. Jim works overnight and he is a manager so he is gone a lot and I work during the day. It’s pretty easy to say, I’m so alone and I’m so unhappy because he’s not home, or he’s not helping me, or he’s this or he’s that. But then I had to take a good look at myself and snatch my whole life and remember, there was a book I said I wanted to read but couldn’t and things I wanted to do but didn’t have the time. Dare to dream again and remember your hobbies and the things you used to do so you won’t get lost in marriage and expect your spouse to meet your every need. You aren’t needy like that; you’ve just misplaced yourself. So go find yourself and all of the things you love and dust off those dreams. This was an ah ha moment for me.
  10. FIGHT FAIR- There are going to be disagreements and arguments at times. But never hit below the belt, call names, bring up old things, get violent or anything like that. Fight in love and always respect one another. We live by this. We are close friends so we aren’t going there with each other. Even in a heated argument, we don’t call each other names and we are always respectful to one another.

Marriage takes work but it is a job I absolutely LOVE! We learn so many things along the way. Now we are parents and get the opportunity to pour into our children and love on them. Below are some photos from our Anniversary Celebration. We went to Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater, NJ.

Love you guys,

Team Holmes