Halloween Or NAH?

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Someone asked me what type of costume I was getting this year for Juju’s first Halloween. And my first response was he’s not wearing a costume, he’s a baby. And they asked me why and I said because I never wore costumes or went trick or treating so no need for him to do that either. And they said to me, you’re simply depriving him of something just because you couldn’t do it. So I talked to my Best Friend ever about it, MY HUSBAND!!!!!

And he said I see nothing wrong with getting him a cute little costume and taking pictures of him in it or him going trick or treating. He said when he grew up, they did not get to dress up or anything but they did go trick or treating. I’m like really, Babe, I NEVER got to go trick or treating! In fact, I never got to wear costumes either and I was even taken out of daycare and preschool when they had Halloween parties and events for the kids. So he said, well we can’t just deprive him of things just because we didn’t have them. And I thought hmmmm, “Am I depriving him of something simply because I didn’t get to do it”? So I told Jim to let me think a little more about it since something in me was just against putting him in one and I had to further investigate what that “something” was.

I didn’t want to over spiritualize it, as my husband would say lol! But I did want to give it some more thought because I still wasn’t too beat about it. So I ended up looking up the Origin of Halloween. I know what y’all thinking. Oh boy, Sharmaine it’s really not that deep! But it was for me so I researched it and found that it originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

On Halloween, when it was believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world, people thought that they would encounter ghosts if they left their homes. To avoid being recognized by these ghosts, people would wear masks and dress up as ghosts and witches and goblins when they left their homes after dark so that the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits which were evil spirits. So, to keep ghosts away from their houses, people would place bowls of food outside their homes to appease the ghosts and prevent them from attempting to enter. So basically they would either have to trick the ghosts or give them treats so they would be left alone.

I’m like all of this just sounds dark, scary and not so fun at all. I immediately thought of Philipians 4:8.

People throwing eggs, and vandalizing people’s homes are not something to be representing the night before. It didn’t represent light, lovely, and sweet things. And I realized that although it does seem rather harmless to put him in a pumpkin or batman costume and take him trick or treating, what it represents to me does not seem so harmless. And I realized that that “something” that was getting to me about dressing him up was simply conviction. So I explained it to my husband who said, I knew you would research it all; that’s what you do”. But after talking to me about it, he mentioned that he never thought about it that way either and we made the decision together, Nah, no costumes for Prince Juju. He’s not deprived of anything and neither was I. I was always at church on Halloween anyway in some kind of play or somewhere enjoying a “Holy Ghost” party so together we decided that’s a no on the costume for Halloween. This is not a law; this is simply MY conviction. Some people are so over the top that they turn every little thing into a law and try to divide groups of people based on a conviction that THEY have. Does that mean that when my nieces and nephews have on their costumes and their looking adorable, I’m going to preach to their parents and condemn them about it! Absolutely NOT! I love seeing them enjoy themselves.

A friend disclosed to me that it was her conviction to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. I was super supportive and understood why she wanted to make this change in her life. She didn’t beat me in the head with a reason why it’s a law. And I’m not going to stop pork chopping it up because of her conviction either. That’s between her and God and I support her 100%. Why do we have to be divided because I eat meat and she doesn’t. Why should my sisters and I be divided because their kids go trick or treating and mine doesn’t?

Another friend of mine’s conviction is drinking any kinds of alcohol because it’s a generational curse and in her family line alcoholism is a huge deal. It doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to be friends with us if we want to enjoy a glass of wine at an event. It just means that, that is her conviction and we refuse to be divided about something some one is working on.



It’s like church for example. Back in the day, you dressed up to go to church. In the Presbyterian Church, women wore super huge hats and suits and men wore suits with ties and jackets. That was the culture and the tradition and some churches still follow it to this day which isn’t wrong but then they start turning it into a law about what one should wear to church. Like you’re any less holy if you have on jeans and a polo, along with some sneakers. One Pastor preached to his congregation in Skinny/ripped jeans and there are other pastors who wear robes. I know plenty of people on fire for God that wears skinny jeans, t shirts and heels to service. They don’t love the Lord any less than those who wear hats and suits. If it’s your conviction to wear hats and suits, DO YOU! If you are comfortable in casual clothes or you possibly have to run in work after service so you are even in a uniform during service, DO YOU!

Let’s group hug for a minute because we are divided for absolutely no reason. If we spent less time judging and being divided over the silliest little things and stop getting overly offended by what someone chooses to do, I think we could get a lot more done and we would have more unity!

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