31 Days To A Wiser Marriage: Day 15

To Do: Read Proverbs 15

Focus Point: Proverbs 15:1

These are wonderful instructions on how to have a proper disagreement with your spouse. If you and your spouse are in a heated argument and both of you are yelling and angry, then neither of you are getting your point across. Try responding calmly and gently next time and you will be surprised at how soft gentle words can diffuse an argument.

We are people of God and as followers of Christ, we are not to use our mouths to hurt people, depress them or break them down. Our tongues have healing power and we should use it to heal, uplift and restore. Ask the Lord today to give you wisdom and self control to use your tongue to uplift and not destroy.

Affirmation of the day:

I use my words to heal,uplift and restore.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of your mothers and have an awesome and blessed week!


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