31 Days To A Wiser Marriage: Day 13

To Do: Read Proverbs 13

Focus Point: Proverbs 13:3

I can speak from a wife’s point of view and say this is an issue most of us come across. We do NOT like to SHUT UP! But we must learn because in some cases, we could just ruin everything.

Everything doesn’t require nagging or a negative response. Think about your marriage for a second and how many times your mouth has gotten you into trouble. There are probably things you said that could have been s aid differently but had to have the last word. As a wife I have to watch what I say to my husband. Remember that we as help mates are apart of the solution so nagging, breaking our husbands down with our words, and giving them a piece of our minds is not the way to handle things.

Our husbands fight battles as men in the work place, in the streets, with coworkers, and in life that we don’t even know about or ever get to see, so when he comes home it is up to us to use wisdom to build him up, support him, encourage him and let him lead. When you begin to nag, you can cause a shut down in your spouse and even miss the opportunity to have him open up to you about his feelings. Affirm your husband as much as you can and be sure to build him up. Don’t ever be fake, phony or sarcastic with him, though. But genuinely show him how much you love and appreciate him. When you do get into disagreements, always fight fair and  never hit below the belt.

Affirmation of the day:

I build my spouse up every single day!


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