31 Days to A Wiser Marriage: Day 8

Hey guys! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Sorry I posted Sunday’s so late! Both my little man and my husband were sick; please keep them in your prayers. We are starting off this week with wisdom in our marriages and I am excited!

To Do: Read Proverbs 8

Focus Point: Proverbs 8:12

I love this scripture as it relates to marriage because it is very practical. If you lack wisdom, you need to get on your knees and ask the Lord for some because he will give it to you. It allows you to use common sense and good judgement when dealing with your marriage.

I shared the story with you guys about how my husband and I ordered Dominoes pizza to be delivered and when the female called his phone and let him know she was outside, he called me to the door to help him retrieve the order from the young lady. He could have certainly handled that on his own and I would have thought nothing of it but it was a judgement call that he made so I stepped in and rolled with him.

Wisdom will also help you to know when to SHUT UP! I know it seems like a harsh word but often times, we need the last word and want to nag until we get our point across, but every situation doesn’t require that.

I can remember a time when my husband came in from work with (what I thought was) a poor attitude. Normally he’s happy and upbeat but time he was quiet and awfully moody. I wanted to go OFF on him for acting this way. But I stopped and had to SHUT UP. I went on about my business and thought about how I would approach the situation when I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that he was just tired and needed something to eat. I wanted to rebel because he was being mean and I wasn’t about to make him a dag on thing with that attitude. But I  was obedient to the Holy Spirit and said to him (as kindly as I could lol), “You look hungry; I’m gonna make you something to eat”.

So I went into the kitchen and made his favorite breakfast and actually served it to him. (Yea I shocked my own self lol). He was so grateful and happy and kept thanking me . Then after he was full, he opened up to me about his job and why his mood was down. In that moment I was so happy I had listened to the Holy Spirit. So if I had went off like I originally wanted to, I would have missed the opportunity to listen to my husband confide in me and trust me with his feelings.

Be very careful and always use good judgement and ask the Lord to intervene when you’re not sure how to handle a situation just like he helped me.

Affirmation of the Day:

My Spouse and I continue to use our God given wisdom in all aspects of our marriage.


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