31 Days To A Wiser Marriage: Day 3

To Do: Read Proverbs 3

Focus Point: Proverbs 3:3-4

Let’s look at words kindness and loyalty and their meanings.

Kindness: The quality of being generous, friendly and considerate.

Loyalty: a strong feeling of support or allegiance

Now think about your marriage. It does NOT matter what goes on during the privacy of your marriage, it is clear that we should never let kindness leave us. Be considerate and generous with your spouse. If they’re having a bad day or they’re sick, take care of them. Be faithful in the good times and the bad times. When having disagreements, know how to argue with love and never hit below the belt.

Always maintain your loyalty to your marriage. There will be frustrating moments, but don’t ever get on the phone with others and find yourself bad mouthing your spouse because you’re temporarily aggravated. This is why friendship is so important in marriage. My husband and I are best friends so even if we aren’t feeling each other because of some argument that we had, we always remain loyal to one another. Our friendship gets us through most things so continue to work on that part of your marriage if you find yourself always being mean and angry with your spouse. If you think of the relationship that you have with your best girl friend or best guy friend, you don’t find yourself mean and angry all of the time especially because you care to not hurt their feelings and are careful how you act with them. Well your spouse should be your very best friend so always be kind and loyal to them.Think of ways today that you can be kind to your spouse even if you’re angry and take fast action on it. Consider finding out what your spouse’s love language is. This will aid you in getting to know how to handle him or her. I was talking with a friend who could not figure out what on earth was wrong with his wife and why she was not happy. He expressed that  she works long hours at the school as a teacher and they have two children. He said he would come home, clean the house, get the boys ready for bed, cook dinner but found that she still was not happy with his efforts. What he was doing for her was called Acts of Service. That was NOT her love language so although it was a nice gesture, he wasn’t speaking her language so he could not reach her emotionally. He later found out that her love language was quality time. She could care less how the house looked as long as they were together ALONE. Once they learned each other’s love language, it was much easier to deal handle her. My love language is Acts of Service and my husband speaks it fluently. He prefers words of affirmation and physical touch. Even if what they want is “not your thing”, learn to do it anyway. After all you married them, so do what you can to make your marriage work. And like the scripture says, you will find favor with both God and people.

Affirmation of the day:

My spouse and I are always kind and loyal to one another!

Be blessed all day guys and enjoy finding ways to be kind to your spouse. In what ways did you decide to be nice to your spouse? Give us feedback and let us know. Also if you want more info on the 5 love languages, click here as I did a blog explaining them all. See yall tomorrow!

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