Our New Addition!

EEEEEEEEEK This is probably my favorite Holmes Confession Ever!

Our Little Prince has finally arrived:


Born: APRIL 3, 2017

Time: 9:28 PM

Weight: 6LBS 9OZ

Inches: 19 1/2

I can’t believe I have even found time to write. Let me totally explain that I had been so busy moving, preparing for the baby and working my new job that I found myself overwhelmingly busy. And then this little guy decides to come 3 WHOLES WEEKS EARLY. His due date was April 20th, 2017.

So nooooo I did not April fool you guys, I totally didn’t forget about our March Marriage Madness! We were supposed to go through the devotional and work on our relationships together and we are still going to. Can you ever forgive me. I am rescheduling it and we will go through the devotional for 31 full days and get our relationships back on track so stay posted for that. It will be especially good for me because with having a newborn, all of my attention seems to be totally devoted to our little man and I have to remember that I am still married and have to continue to nourish that relationship so that it may continue be healthy as well.

Prince Julian

I am overwhelmed with joy. Can I just have my own special praise break! God has been totally amazing to us. I thank you guys for all of your prayers. We had a very safe and smooth delivery and Prince Julian is very healthy and active at just 1 whole week old.  We have soooooo many exciting things that’s going to be going on in the next couple of months so just stay tuned.

Holmes News:

  • The two of us have officially become 3. Our Prince Julian James has safely arrived and we are showering him with all of our love.
  • Our business “Heavenly Accessories” is going to be having a launch party in the summer of 2017 so stay tuned for the scoop on that!
  • We are going to be doing a 31 day Marriage Work Out devotional together where I will be finally sharing my book, “31 Days to A Wiser Marriage”. Get ready for some practical info that will help us transform our marriages and relationships together!
  • Now that Prince Julian is out and I am not pregnant any more, it is “operation snatched” time for me LOL. Join Jim and myself during this weight loss challenge. We both have gained weight during the course of the pregnancy and would like to get down to a more comfortable weight. So we will be sharing our weight loss journey with you all.

Stay tuned for more from Team Holmes!

Thank you for all of your love and support!

Be Blessed,

Jim and Maine

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  1. Congratulations to u both. James I’m so proud of you for growing up and becoming the man that u have. Your GM would be beyond herself over u. Beautiful job Sharmaine..Best you both.

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