Have You Started Your Savings Challenge?

Hey Y’all!

So we decided to save $14,000 in just one year last year in 2016. We had done plenty of savings challenges in the past but this one was definitely on steroids. We have done these kinds of challenges over the years on a much smaller scale and in 2017, now that we’ve been married for 1 year and are now having a baby, we decided to continue with saving aggressively but we are also going back down to the basics with a penny challenge. We are doing this as we open up an account for our baby boy who will be here in just 2 months. Where did the time go???

I was challenged to do this by my good friend Bee from www.youngrichrooted.com. She calls it the “Count Yo Pennies Challenge.” Check out her website and take the penny challenge with us today. It is really simple because all you have to do is add a penny each day. We started the challenge on January 1, 2017 and we added 1 penny. Then day 2, you add 2 pennies, then day 3, you add 3 pennies and so on. Right now we are on day 36 of the “Count yo pennies” challenge and you can easily catch up. As of today you should have about $4.98. Aren’t you ready to save money in 2017? Let’s say goodbye to unwanted and unexpected expenses and Hello to savings, Dfree lifestyle and financial freedom!

We dare you to take the challenge!

P.S. It doesn’t have to be this particular challenge. There are three that we recommend doing if you are a beginner.  The baby saver should do the count yo pennies challenge in increments of a penny, and at the end of the year you will have $667. The next 52 week challenge is in increments of $1.00 where at the end of the year, you will have saved $1378.  The intermediate challenge allows you to save $5000 in one year. The savings challenge on steroids works really well for the disciplined and focused group who have a goal in mind. It is rough but you are rewarded in the end. It does not matter which challenge you choose as long as you change your mindset about your money and start some where!

If you would like to start with the Count yo pennies challenge, head on over to www.youngrichrooted.com and start saving with Bee. She’s got some really good advice on finance. You won’t be sorry!

If you would like a copy of either of the other challenges, send us an email and we will get it right over to you! holmesconfessionbooth@yahoo.com

Thank you for coming along on our journey to Happily Ever After!

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9 thoughts on “Have You Started Your Savings Challenge?

  1. I started sometime ago..but didnt stick with it..dedication, and commitment is how it will happen. Living paycheck to paycheck..with some money cushion to fall back on..isnt a bad idea! I’m in for the second time..ps..congrats on baby jay..!

    • That is great that you started Aliyah. I know the feeling of starting and not being able to stick with it. After all life happens! But you are absolutely right, commitment is the only way to see positive results. It is always great to have a cushion. I can be your accountability partner. I love seeing people succeed. I’m glad you are in. Which challenge are you going to do? The baby step, beginner’s or steroid? And thank you! Can’t wait until Baby Boy J arrives. Then he will be out of my tummy lol!

  2. So I want to try the dollar challenge to see how far I can get do you have a chart of how it works if so can you just email it to me

  3. Sure thing Stevana! I will email the chart over to you and explain in the email exactly how it works. Glad you took the challenge. Happy Savings Sis!!!

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