Are You A Hoarder?

Hey Guys, It’s that time of the week again! Holmes Confessions Monday!

Today we are going to talk about Hoarding. Have you ever seen that show that comes on A&E? On this particular TV show, people are able to live in complete dysfunction. Things are piled on top of one another and the person doing all of the hoarding is totally okay with living in this chaotic state and it becomes devastating to them when people try to clean it up or touch their stuff. Below is a photo of what hoarding looks like.

The Lord was dealing with me about some things and today and this week we are going to be examining how we hoard things in our hearts that we don’t want fixed or uncovered. On the TV show, Hoarders, you should see how emotional they get when people are trying to clean up their messes. It is the same with hoarding things in your heart. I did not realize that I had been hoarding past pains and hurts in my heart. When you do that, all you’re doing is learning how to live with dysfunction. Of course I was able to smile and work and even excel at things but I was learning how to deal with it. Have you ever experienced such a thing? You’re hoarding something in your heart that no one knows about. You get up in the morning, you put on your foundation and your good clothes. You smell great with your expensive perfume but deep down in your heart, you’re hoarding some things that you need to surrender to God.

I realized that I needed a deep cleaning. And I was moved to tears like the hoarders on TV that my “stuff” was being touched or uncovered. I had piles and piles of hurts and pains that had their very own place deep down in my heart and I didn’t want anyone triggering them or touching them. But we have to allow the Holy Spirit to do a deep cleaning in our hearts and get rid of that old stuff. We have gotten far too comfortable living with “broken” items. You know you can do things like, start a car or open a door with a screw driver vs fixing the problem by getting a new key. Ever have a leak, and instead of fixing the leak, you have a bunch of buckets all over the place catching the water vs fixing the leak? Doing things like this is how we teach ourselves how to live with dysfunction. We have to stop that and allow God to peel back those sensitive layers that we try to hide; secrets that we live with that nobody would know or even think we had. Give it all to God and He will surely heal you. I know because I surrendered all of the things that I was hoarding in my heart and He began to heal me.

Often times when we start living in dysfunction, we began to puff ourselves up and tell ourselves, “that’s how life is”, and we try to push through the pain. That is true to an extent but it’s foolish of us to be apart of the body of Christ and not experience ALL that He has for us. Below is a result of what can happen when a hoarder commits to having their house cleaned. The same can be done with your heart if you surrender it to God.

This week we challenge you to examine your heart and find out what you are hoarding in your life and start the process of surrendering it. We love you like crazy and stay tuned!

Love Always,
Team Holmes

P.S. Holmes News

  • We are now 28 weeks pregnant and going strongly into our 3rd trimester.
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Are You Producing Good Fruit?

Image result for photo of good fruit

Hey guys It’s Holmes Confessions: Monday Meditations!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and A very Happy New Year.

Since it is the new year, I thought we would take the time to discuss producing good fruit! In Matthew 3:10, it says that every tree that doesn’t produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire. So the question to meditate on for the week is, “Am I producing good fruit?”

Are we just being hearers of the word but not actually doing it? It’s so easy to sit in church each week and get fat off of the word, but never spend any time applying it to your life. The Lord wants us to be better in our walk with him and to bear good fruit in this upcoming season. I’ve been scrolling through social media this past week and everyone’s new years resolution is to get closer to God. This is the way to do it. By spending time with him through prayer and application of the word. You can bear good fruit in all areas of your life; your marriage, finances, on your job, and even in your single life.

Image result for photo of bad marriage

If you’re married, is your marriage producing good fruit or are you enjoying the title and the ring yet refuse to put any effort into it? Are you just deciding to be a wife when you feel like it or when the conditions are right? You can’t say, “I’ll be a better wife when I’m a little happier, or I’ll act a little better when my husband takes the trash out and do what I want him to do”. If you’re a husband, are you deciding to be a good man to your spouse only when the conditions are suitable for you? Will you only come home on time if your wife’s attitude is correct, or take out the trash if you’re not being nagged? Will you be kinder to your wife and show her more affection only if she offers up more sex?

Do you know that the conditions are not going to always be perfect and that you should serve your spouse as unto the Lord. Do you know that you can enlist the help of the Holy Spirit to aid you in your situation. I challenge you to ask him to help you so that your marriage can start to bear good fruit.

Image result for photo of i hate my jobDo you have a job but refuse to actually do the work but demand a promotion? Are you always late, always calling out, or constantly have an excuse why you can’t get your work done in a timely fashion. Your boss is not your God. God allowed you to have the position that you are in, so you work the job as unto the Lord and find out why He has you there to begin with. Some times we run after coins so much that we get stuck in a job too long that God never told us to go work at in the first place. In the scriptures, before a big decision was made, the disciples always fasted and prayed. Get with God to find out what he wants you to do and begin to be obedient to his instructions then you won’t have to be so miserable at your job and you can begin to bear good fruit there.

Are you a greeter in church but never want to smile? Are you in college but refuse to study and apply yourself to get the best grades? Are you single and unhappy about it instead of using this season to be content and do what God says to do NOW? Are you married and driving your spouse crazy? Are you married and desire a child but you’re angry with God because you feel he hasn’t answered your prayers? Are you sitting in church on Sunday praising the Lord and then come Monday morning you’re cussing everyone out?

I challenge you to think of all of the areas in your life that you consider dead and aren’t bearing any fruit. Evaluate them, repent and get with God about them so that your trees will be filled with good fruit. Now if it’s a dead thing from the past that needs to stay dead, let it stay dead.

If you’re holding on to a relationship that God has not called you to be in and you’re still trying to hold on to it then leave it dead because it’s not going to produce good fruit if it’s not God’s best for you. If you’re miserable at your job that God didn’t tell you to be at in the first place, then it may be time to close that chapter in your life and see where God is leading you BUT you must be lead by the Holy Spirit. If there is just a simple door that God has closed in your life, leave it closed and stop trying to pry open a door that God has clearly locked. In Philippians 3:13, the Bible says we should be forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth to those thing that are before us. We are to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ. It is okay to LET IT GO! Surrender it all to God in this new year and trust him because he has something better for you!!!!!

Be Blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Holmes News:

Our Christmas Give Away was a success: Congrats to Aneida Galindo; she was the winner!

Baby Boy Holmes is doing awesome! I’m 24 weeks pregnant; got 3 more months to go and then we all can meet him.

My Book: 31 Days to a Wiser Marriage with be completed and I will be sharing the contents with all of my subscribers very soon so stay tuned!