Trying To Make It Work With The Wrong One?




Hey Guys, It’s Holmes Confessions Monday!

Boy oh Boy do I know about this. You ever try to be with someone but you know they are NOT the right fit for you but you’ve invested too much time and money into them so you stay? Well I did and this is what will happen in the end. Your plan will be destroyed and you will not be happy with the results. I too, tried to run off and plan my dream wedding with someone God had been telling me wasn’t the ONE.

But I didn’t listen in the beginning. I spent money and time on this person and I was determined to get some sort of return on this investment, but it wasn’t meant to be and this person was not God’s best for me. I finally got the picture. I encourage you to be careful for nothing and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY about EVERYTHING!

When you’re close to the Holy Spirit, he will lead you and guide you and comfort you. You don’t ever have to be so desperate for marriage that you try make it happen for yourself. Allow God to write your love story; I’m telling you His way is better than ours. It doesn’t matter how much money I spent, I would have been miserable today if I had went through with my original plans. I’m glad I came to my senses and began listening to God and my life is better for it now!

Be Encouraged and Blessed!

Love Always,
Mrs. Holmes

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