Ever Felt Guilty For Being Blessed?


Hey Guys, It’s Time for Holmes Confessions. Can I just be really transparent with you guys? I felt guilty about being blessed with a baby; sooooooo guilty that if I wasn’t careful, it would have killed all of my joy.

I noticed that sometimes as Christians, we almost apologize for being blessed with a new car, a baby, a home, a wonderful vacation, etc. We then find ourselves, or at least I’ve found myself, explaining why I have something or trying to down play it as if I really have to justify a blessing from the Lord.

I think I just didn’t want to feel like I wasn’t being humble.  Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I found myself afraid to be too joyful or glowing when I speak about newly married life or pregnancy because I didn’t want to upset those who did not yet have children or were trying to conceive for a period of time. I even went as far as down playing it especially when I got such negative responses from people who just could not be happy for me. If someone sees me laughing and joking with my husband, they may say we are only acting like that because we are newly weds but wait until the problems come. Little do they know they we have had our share of problems and issues like any other normal couple would but they just can’t stand to see us happy in the moment. One person I told that I was pregnant advised me that I should just keep quiet about the pregnancy for a long time since I can have a miscarriage and “anything can happen”.  Another person I have known for a long period of time has completely stopped speaking to me altogether. This person had no intention of hiding the fact that they were not happy for me and was going to make me pay by going out of their way to be mean and not speak to me, and a couple of other incidences occurred as well.

I did what I always do when I don’t know how to handle a situation. I talked to my husband about some of my experiences and I began to pray, and pray, and pray some more. I realize NOW that we should NEVER be ashamed of God’s Blessings. I thought about Abraham who was such a humble man who possessed great wealth and he wasn’t ashamed of God’s blessings so why should I be. That guilt I was feeling was nothing more than the devil trying to talk me out of feeling great about the gifts God has given me. Instead I should be an example of the good works He does.

I refuse to give the devil any credit by discounting my blessings. Now that doesn’t mean I should go bragging a sickening amount about them either. I can be grateful and thankful for all of the many blessings and answered prayers. I encourage you to enjoy all of your blessings as well and never be ashamed of them. I’ll let Jim explain how he felt about it.

It’s Ya Boy! What’s good yall!

My wife and I have such an amazing support system and the people that are truly important to us are just overjoyed about us having a little one. Mom is so excited, she can barely contain herself and the god parents, and aunts and uncles just can’t wait to hold our little one and shower him or her with all the love they can stand but I noticed my wife seemed a little saddened and at first I figured she was just so overwhelmed with the news herself and was experiencing some fears and emotions that come along with pregnancy, besides she was extremely sick during the beginning.  But then she confided in me about feeling some what guilty about being pregnant because people she thought she was close to weren’t happy for her and began to show their true colors.  I told her we couldn’t worry about other people and that haters are always going to be around to do their job; HATE! I reminded her that this was something that we had prayed for along with other requests that we put on our vision board and God had answered all of our prayers in HIS timing, not ours. So we have nothing to be guilty about and EVERYTHING to be thankful for. The devil will not steal our joy and we are excited about the new addition to our family. Keep us in your prayers.

Love Always,

Team Holmes


My beautiful wife at 3 month pregnant!

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  1. Good advice James. Don’t worry about the haters. Also it shows who your real friends are so God just did you a favor by revealing them. Never hold back your joy or blessings. Enjoy this experience. Auntie Webe is excited! Love yall.

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