Hey Guys, It’s Holmes Confessions Time!

So, last week, we returned to the blog and missed you all so very much! We gave you an update on what we have been doing for the past two months and we promised we would let you all in on our confession for October!


First comes Love, then comes marriage, then comes the Holmes’ with a baby carriage!


So as you can see, we had a whole lot to share. We finished the summer up with a big bang, celebrated our anniversary and now we are having a little one. Our first child—EEEEEEEEK!

I have a confession to make!!!! These past few weeks have been trying. Nothing or no one prepares you for the morning sickness, the vomiting, the sleepless nights, the discomfort, and the not being able to keep anything down. We have been straight roughing it and morning sickness has been a beast. But God is faithful, and He is keeping us through it all and in the end it will all be worth it.  So we are very excited to go on this journey together and we get to do it with all of you so please keep us in your prayers.

We had our first trimester ultrasound and it was amazing to see the baby bouncing around; We even had the opportunity to hear the heart beat, which was super exciting. Can I confess that we really had to ROUGH IT! I often see pictures of these pregnant women who are having the time of their lives during pregnancy (or so we think)! They can eat what they want, they are all smiles, they have their hair and make up all done up and they are just glowing from head to toe! So I’m like am I the only one in the world who is totally miserable. I feel like I’m going to die. My head hurts, I’m dizzy, I can’t keep anything down, I throw up all of my fluids and my food and these other pregnant women are making me look like a chump cause I can’t even get out of bed. So I learned really fast to let go of my expectations of what pregnancy is SUPPOSED to be like! It is DIFFERENT for everyone. I just began to get quiet and pray. It’s important to watch what you say. I know this and practice this but when that nausea hit, the first thing I say is I’M SICK, I’M IN PAIN, I’M DYING and every other crazy thing I could think of. The Lord told me to watch my words and He even reminded me that having a family was our prayer. How are we going to ask God for a blessing and not be able to handle it when it comes???????? So of course I changed my words, and even though I still experienced the same symptoms, I felt better about my pregnancy and I prayed all of the time. This is a blessing and I’m willing to take everything that comes with it. Later during the journey we will be sharing about our pregnancy journey and how it affects our marriage month to month and other fun things so stay tuned!

What’s Good World!!! It’s none other than Yours Truly Jay Hov In the Range Rov LOL

It’s so good to be back on the blog. I’m ecstatic about growing our family! We had an amazing time on our cruise; I think my favorite Island was Grand Turk! I could have stayed there forever! Although I’m excited about our new baby, I have to say my wife has been a trooper and the last couple months have been rough. As a husband, I’m the problem solver in our house. If my wife has a problem, she can come to me and I can fix it. It was so difficult to see her throw up all of her food every minute and there was absolutely NOTHING I could do about it. I couldn’t fix it. I could rub her back, hold her hair, and things like that but I could not physically stop this part of the process so it was hard for me to see her so sick. But I thank God that she is feeling better, and that this part of the process will be over soon. Keep us in your prayers!


  • We are 12 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing great
  • I (Sharmaine Holmes) am in the process of writing my first book—-EEEK!
  • December we are having a Teamholmes Giveaway for Christmas



Baby Holmes is doing well! What you guys think??? Boy or Girl???

2 thoughts on “GUESS WHAT???

  1. So glad you are doing better. You have both been troopers. Hats off to your hubby. Sounds like he’s been great! One thing you said that I think is so important is when you realized that every pregnancy is different so you know that after all the stories that you may hear, you will have your own story. I also want you to know that you still are beautiful. You don’t look like what you’re going thru. I vote girl because I’m just partial to girls and my siblings all have girls except for one boy, man now and he has a son. Then one niece has a son. That’s it. However, you know boy or girl we’re going to love him or her. Love you and James.

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