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During my quiet time, I was reading the Book of Psalms, chapter 105.  In verses 27-19, I was reminded of Joseph and the horrible treatment he received from his brothers. This is  my absolute favorite story in the Bible. But for those who don’t know it, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and told his father that a wild animal had killed him, which was a lie. Joseph was then purchased by a wealthy man named Potiphar, who took Joseph into his home as a slave. God gave Joseph favor everywhere he went and soon he had favor with his new master Potiphar.

He had so much favor that he got promoted while he was in Potiphar’s house. It seemed he kept getting promoted but something unjust would happen to him.  Potiphar’s wife came on to Joseph, enticing him to have an affair with her, but he was a man of integrity and refused. He would have nothing to do with her.  She then lied to her husband and claimed that Joseph had attacked her.  This accusation  caused Joseph to be imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

During Joseph’s stay in prison, he tried to help those he came across. He kept the proper attitude and never complained during his suffering. Because of this, God delivered and promoted him. He had so much authority in Egypt that no one else in the entire land was above him except Pharaoh himself.

God also vindicated Joseph concerning the situation with his brothers. They had to come to him for food when the whole land was in a state of famine. Joseph once again displayed a godly attitude by not mistreating them even though they may have deserved it. He told them that what they meant for harm, worked out for his good. You can check out Genesis 37-45 to get the details of his whole story.

During my quiet time, I learned that we can expect the same results when we stay patient through suffering and keep a positive attitude. Obviously that’s easier said than done but with God’s help we are sure to get through any trial that may come our way. I will let Jim explain what he got from it.

What’s good Yall It’s Ya Boy

My wife is right in saying that it is easier said than done when trying to be patient during certain trials. I remember being at one particular job for years. I got looked over for promotions on a number of occasions. I even got to the point where I was close to a promotion but did not get it, after all of the hard work I put in. It was quite discouraging and I could have easily had a bad attitude. My work ethic could have changed and I could have decided to give up and not work as hard. My wife and I prayed about the situation, I continued to work hard any way and I did not have a poor attitude. And 2 weeks later, I was promoted. So I got to experience this first hand. Don’t always look at the circumstance because it won’t always be the way it is now. As always, Thanks for reading!

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