Nothing is worth anything if we don’t have peace.

I took this statement out of the book of Job, chapter 22 verse 21 when I was reading my morning devotion. We seem to chase money and fame but neither are any good if we don’t have peace. Having the most important job in the whole company won’t do you us any good without peace either. Some people spend their lives trying to climb this ladder of success, and every time they go up one more step, they lose more of their peace because of the pressure. They also  miss on quality time that they could be spending with their families.

Let’s be reminded not to let our health fall apart while we are in the grind because we are losing our peace of mind. Without peace our lives will be full of dysfunction, confusion and chaos. But when we have PEACE, we have a great thing indeed!

Be blessed all day!

Love Always,

Team Holmes

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