Toxic Relationships


Hubby and I were conversing about friendships and realized that one of the most painful realizations in life is that you are in a relationship that does not mean as much to the other person as it does to you. This relationship is toxic. I will let hubby discuss some of the details of our conversation.

What’s up y’all it’s YA Boy Jim. I want to start off by saying, if you have someone in your life that feels that they can take you or leave you,


unhealthy relationships

One sided relationships are doomed to fail. These kinds of relationships are unhealthy and detrimental. On the way to failure, there will be disappointment, dysfunction, and frustration.

Both my wife and myself have learned that you definitely have to set boundaries in friendships and relationships.  This helps people understand how far they can go with you and communicate what you will and will NOT allow.  It also keeps you healthy and keeps other people from taking too much of your time, energy, or resources.

We encourage you to take the time out to identify people in your life with whom you could be in toxic relationships with and understand how important it is not to allow them to damage you emotionally.

Remember that God has an awesome plan for your life so keep your heart fully alive so you can enjoy those plans.

Have an awesome week! Evaluate the toxic people in your life and make changes accordingly. Be blessed!

the king

Love Always,

Jim and Maine


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