Why Did I Get Married???


Tyler Perry’s movies, Why did I get married 1 and 2 was on this weekend and as I watched, I gave some thought to why I got married and thought I would share it. This question has been asked to both me and my husband plenty of times, especially because we have been best friends for so long.

Well my husband and I were both very successful singles. We enjoyed our independence, working, and living life.  I enjoyed doing my own thing and jumping up to do whatever I wanted to do and when! Like going to Vegas for a month and traveling everywhere. Plus all of the horror stories I heard about marriage had turned me off after a while, especially since I had already been down this road and it DID NOT turn out well. Everything was, YOU must SUBMIT/OBEY! I’m like please, ain’t nobody got time for that; my daddy don’t even tell me what to do.  Ofcourse it was my desire to get married ONE day, but I totally wasn’t beat after going through some hurtful things in previous relationships.

But then, I had to get alone with God. Just me and Him and nobody else, and have him cleanse me and make me whole again before I could even begin to consider this marriage talk again.  I attend the Marriage School at Seeds of Greatness Fellowship Church faithfully on Tuesday evenings, and I begin to learn so many things about marriage and what God says about it, and I began to change my mind.

The thing that stood out to me the most was the roles of husbands and wives.  We began to study Genesis and what Adam was doing when the Lord said that it was not good for him to be alone.  His job was to guide, guard and govern the earth.  So Adam was a working man! And the Lord created a helper for him that was suitable, adaptable and complemetary to him.

So, why did I get married? First because I absolutely love love love my husband, who happens to be my very best friend.  He’s a great leader, protector, and provider.  This is the type of man, (like Adam), who needs a help meet. I married him to help him, to love him unconditionally, to add to his life and not subtract from it, to pray for him, honor him and respect him for as long as I live.  I married him to enrich his life and bring him good, not harm all the days of his life.

Be blessed all day and Be Ye Transformed!

P.S. God Loves you and so do I!

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