Is Your Money Being Longer Worth Your Life Span Being Shorter?



This question struck a nerve when I heard it. On Saturday evening I was hanging out in the house with my husband and he said, “Baby listen to this battle rap; it’s a classic.” So I’m washing dishes and listening to this battle, and we get to the third round in the battle and rapper Loaded Lux goes in with this question:

“Is your money being longer worth your life span being shorter?”


This statement had my mind going so much so that I stopped listening to the battle and ran in the living room and wrote it down and continued to repeat it to myself.  We live in a society where we are taught to get rich or die trying and do what it takes to earn the almighty dollar. We want to be successful soooooo bad that we don’t eat properly, don’t get any rest, and over work ourselves.  What good is it to work yourself literally to DEATH and are not able to enjoy the fruit of your labor.  Okay so your money is much longer now, but someone else has to spend it because you killed yourself getting it!!! You worked yourself day and night, drinking energy drinks while depriving yourself of sleep just so that your coins could stretch a little longer. So my question again to you is, Is your money being longer worth your life span being shorter?  I had to ask myself this question as well because sometimes I am so focused on the plan that I have for success in life not realizing that I absolutely have to stay balanced in order to avoid burn out.

I’m not suggesting that we should not work hard and be diligent about taking action concerning our futures but that we should not kill ourselves in the process. I don’t personally believe that we should get rich or die trying especially if that is the only goal. Go after the purpose that God has for you, because your purpose is bigger than you. When you pursue the purpose that God has for you the money is going to come.  God is going to fund what He called you to do. I had to remember that God is the unfailing, unlimited source of our supply so we don’t have to kill ourselves going after coins.  I’ll let Jim discuss how he feels about it!

What’s good world it’s Ya Boy!

I love my battle rap and I was surprised that my wife listened with me and took something from it. She literally ran out of the kitchen into our living room to go get a pen and write it down. When she didn’t come right back into the kitchen, I went to see what she was up to and she was sitting there thinking, so we started discussing this question. I know it had her thinking a lot about us and how I work two really demanding jobs.  My answer to the question, Is your money being longer worth your life span being shorter” is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I will admit that I have a huge responsibility as a husband to provide and I take that seriously so I do tend to work about 16 hours out of the day. I live off very little sleep and will admit energy drinks (which are terrible for you) have been my meal of choice, but since I know better, I’m doing much better and cut those drinks out and started to eat more healthy meals and get more rest. I also have a goal in mind. Me working two jobs will not always be my story. It is something I am doing now because I have a plan for our future but it isn’t something I will be doing forever. So there definitely has to be a balance. There is nothing wrong with working, going to school, and plain ole grinding while you’re focused on a goal but there is something wrong with killing yourself just to get money. We all want our coins, but pursue purpose, stay focused and trust God in everything that you do and your success will come and you will LIVE to enjoy it!

Have an awesome week! We love you like crazy!

Love Always,

Jim and Maine

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