We all have something to be grateful for!



Sometimes we are going through a rough season in life that gets us down and we find ourselves complaining, complaining, complaining! I was having a bad start to my morning and was tempted to do just that until I remembered what date it was. It’s April 2016! My aunt, her best friend, my cousin and I were in a life changing accident April 25, 2011. The enemy tried to take us out of here and when that didn’t work he tried to destroy our relationships with one another, and steal our joy. He was on his job, as the thief comes not but to kill, steal, and destroy. He came for our lives but God had a plan for each and every one of us, and our word for that year was, We shall LIVE and NOT die! (Praise Break) WON’T GOD DO IT! We are all very much alive, doing awesome, and are BLESSED!

April 25, 2011 was 5 years ago and since then, God has blessed our lives more than we could imagine. Christyal, who we call Abby, and I have been blessed with husbands and are now married!

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During the time of the accident, the doctors tried to tell us all kinds of crazy things. Like I wouldn’t be able to move my neck again and will need surgery down the line, and that the affects of the accident will be with me my entire life. The devil is a liar, my neck is fine, the fracture is healed and I haven’t received any surgery in 5 years and don’t plan on having any.  Christyal was told she wasn’t going to be able to walk again or have children but who’s report are we to believe?????? Yes, the report of the Lord! She didn’t just have 1, but 2 of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! Look at them!!!! Aren’t they gorgeous????

Paige and Paris


We have gone on to do many things over this past 5 years and God is still blessing us. Since then, I have graduated twice, Abby has relocated to beautiful Las Vegas, we are closer than we have ever been as we don’t go a day without speaking to eachother, Taleia has started a new career in the house keeping industry in Las Vegas, Holmes Confession Booth has been birthed out of my marriage, and there are so many things to come. I say all of this to say that God’s hand is on our lives and the moment we want to get down and start complaining, let us think on the timeline of our lives and remind ourselves of how God has kept us.

Surely you can find something to be grateful for every single day. When you wake up in the morning, say 3 things you are grateful for to jump start your day; I even go as far as writing them down. You’ll have much better days ahead when you begin being grateful for the things you have daily!

This is my Holmes Confession!

Be blessed and encouraged today!

Love Always,

Maine Holmes


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