Stay Focused!


Hey Guys, It’s Team Holmes here giving you some daily inspiration.

For this week, we encourage you all to STAY FOCUSED!

Being too busy is not an acceptable excuse for not staying focused on what is truly important. Everyone sets his or her own schedule and we need to learn to establish boundaries. We must learn to say no when people ask us to do something that leads us away from peace.

Be honest with yourself and examine how you spend your time. Be intentional about putting God first and then your spouse. Don’t give God your leftovers. Ezekiel 20:40 says that we should bring to the Lord our firstfruits, the choicest selections of all of our offerings. Give Him the best of our time and our day, not what is left over from the day. Don’t give Him the portion of your day when you are worn out, can’t think straight or keep your eyes open. Give God the firstfruits of your attention, which is the best part of your day. If you are a morning person, then right before you do anything would be the best time to give to God. If you’re not a morning person and the best part of your day is in the evening, then set aside that time where you are awake and fresh and devote your best time to God.

Examine your priorities this week and get them in check. Make time for what’s important and try not be be busy with busyness. Set your intentions and stay focused. Also when putting your spouse first after God, of course, give him or her the best portion of you.

For example, if you’re a woman who takes the time to get dressed for work, making sure your hair is fly and you look good for your co-workers and clients, don’t come home and immediately throw on sweats and a hair bonnet. Why does the world get the best of your look? Why do we take time to get dolled up, with our make up, outfits, and hair but when we get home, our husbands don’t get to see our hair because we are too quick to wrap it up in a bonnet or scarf on. They want to see us looking good too!

If you’re a husband who works a lot and gives your job the best of you, do the same for your wife. Don’t always make her deal with the worn out you, where you are too worn or too sleepy to meet her needs. Get the proper rest so that when you have the time to spend with her, she gets the very best of you as well. Whatever it is that you need to focus on, be intentional about it this week! Stay focused!

Be blessed!


Love Always,

Team Holmes


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