Don’t Worry If You’re Single!




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Don’t worry about being single. Don’t let people pressure you about some biological clock that’s ticking either. Honey, let me tell you!!! At one point in my single life I worried myself to the point of no return about getting married. I almost married the WRONG person because of it too. I had to get my life and take several seats! But I thank God everyday because I was constantly praying about this situation and I had no peace. I done went and made plans, got a venue, spent money and a lot of it on something that never happened. I had no peace about the situation and even though I spent money and time, I ended it all! And as God nursed me back to health, restored my finances, healed my heart, and help me get my life, I enjoyed single life. So don’t make my mistake; wait on God! When you’re single; you’re a whole person, not half a person just because you aren’t married. A whole person who answers to GOD alone, not some boo thang. You can travel as you please, eat cereal, tuna, and grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner (like I did lol), and do what you want whenever you want! I got to go hang out with my Aunty and Cousin in Las Vegas for a whole month, I worked full time as a Correction’s Officer and went to school at Montclair State University full time. I went on vacation twice a year with my family, went on retreats, conferences, and hung out with my girlfriends! Single life is priceless and you don’t want to waste it by wishing you were married. I did lots of things before I got married and you should too because you owe it to yourself to find out who YOU are!

It’s so important to enjoy the season that you’re in and be thankful for your portion. I just got married! It’s only been 7 months but what question do you think I hear every other day? When are you having babies? What are you waiting for, don’t you know you’re getting old lol? If you don’t handle the pressure correctly, it will make you crazy. When my husband and I see little babies, we just melt, but we need to enjoy this season we are in as being married. So far I have been enjoying sleeping in a little on Saturdays. My friends and family always tell me that the first thing you lose when you have little people is SLEEP! I really enjoy sleeping lol and even though we want to have children, we do want to cherish this baby-free season of our lives, because once they come, they are here to stay lol. When we are single, we are pressured to be married then when we are married, we are pressured to have kids. If you stay in an apartment too long, you’re pressured into getting your first home. If you just get your degree, you’re pressured to find the perfect career.  My prayer is that you let God lead you and be happy where you are while you strive to get where you are going!

I’ll share some of my single life photos with you guys since you insist on not believing me lol!



Me and Kenti (Quaker Steak)


maine 3
Graduation (Essex County College)
At my girlfriend’s Bday Party
Me and the girls on Carnival Cruise
Montclair state University Graduation
Officer of the LAW


Me and my best friend WAAAY back before we got married!
Shopping with Chivon
Hanging with Mi Familia


I used to live in the gym
maine 4
Great times with Cass
vegas baby
My cutting up days in Vegas!

This was a note to all of you wonderful single people who are being saved for a special someone.

Keep living and doing you as a happy, whole, single person!

Be blessed all day every day!

Love you always,

Mrs. Sharmaine Holmes

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