10 Habits Wealthy People DONT Have



We wrote a post about the 10 habits of wealthy that stood out to us! So this time, we decided to write about the 10 habits that wealthy people don’t have. If we want to be successful, I suggest we kick some of these habits out of our lives.

Success means something different to every person, just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It is up to you to determine what success means for you, and how you go about breeding success in your life.  There are definitely hindrances to success, but not to worry because you have the power to control and overcome these obstacles.


  1. Making Excuses

It is time to stop blaming other people for why we don’t get what we want and take responsibility for our own mistakes. We all make our own choices and our own mistakes so we are going to have to stop justifying our poor choices and attributing our lack of success to things outside of our control. Successful people don’t do this!

  1. Focusing on the Negatives

Yes, there are negative circumstances in life that you have no control over as well as positive ones, so you are capable of living with a positive perspective. If you want to cultivate success in your life then you need to concentrate on all the good; not that you should disregard the negative, but you don’t have to give it so much of your attention.

  1. Fearing Failure

Successful people know that, at some point or another, YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL! There is no reason to fear it. Rather, you should embrace it, learn from it, and ultimately improve from it. When you are successful you know you are always trying your best. When you fail it is not a reflection of you as a person. View failure as an opportunity to grow, not as something to be feared.

  1. Looking for the Easy Way

Success isn’t supposed to be an improbable venture where you have to overcome a certain amount of adversity and hardship, but successful people are not just strolling through life on cruise control. Sometimes you have to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone and aim to reach your maximum potential.  That is a success itself.

  1. Beating Yourself Up

Since you wouldn’t ever beat yourself up physically, you shouldn’t do it emotionally and mentally? Learning how to skillfully deal with your thoughts and emotions when you are facing adverse situations is crucial to being successful.

It’s absolutely ok to get upset over things and to express your emotions in an appropriate manner and even be unhappy from time to time. It is going to happen, but there is a time and a place for everything. Don’t beat yourself up about things that have already happened. Focus your attention on pressing towards your goals. toward your goals.

  1. Being Ungrateful

The best way to establish more contentment in your life is to be more grateful. If you want to push away happiness, joy, and bliss then be ungrateful. Gratitude breeds happiness but it also breeds success. If you are grateful for your life and everything in it you are going to have a less complicated time achieving wealth and accomplishing your goals. I don’t just mean financial wealth because wealth includes all kinds of valuables. I am not saying that all financially wealthy people are grateful, and therefore, successful, or that all financially poor people are ungrateful, and therefore unsuccessful. Being ungrateful is not congruent with getting ahead in life. If you crave success than observe everything you are grateful for. Your gratitude will serve as a compass for your life. It will guide your decision-making, and lead you to success.

  1. Concentrating Solely on Your Needs

Focusing ONLY on yourself is not going to help you attain success. You could be the wealthiest person on the planet, and it is apparent that you are extremely successful. If you accrued your wealth by taking advantage of people, or by being selfish and egotistical, you are not successful in our opinion. You probably wouldn’t be very happy either. The best way to succeed in life is by helping someone else!

  1. Getting Distracted

You have to get rid of the but in your life!!! You were going to start writing your book but…You were going to launch your dream business but…You were going to travel the world but…We have to get rid of those statements.  Things definitely come up and life takes you on a different course but don’t allow yourself to become distracted from reaching your dreams. Don’t let these distractions move you further and further away from your passion.

  1. Living Aimlessly

It is your responsibility to ascertain your life goals and objectives. Being successful means you are fulfilling your life’s purpose every day. Whether your purpose is super ambitious such as solving world hunger or more feasible like being happy, doesn’t matter. The point is that you are aiming to be the best you can be. Steadily wandering through life without any ambitions or without contributing anything to society is not what successful people do.

  1. Giving Up

When you face an improbable obstacle in life how do you respond? Do you give up, or do you keep pressing on? Successful people don’t give up. They commit themselves to reaching their final destination. This means continuing on despite failures and disappointments.


We understand that success encompasses a lot of different arenas. What works for financial success may not translate into relationship success. Being successful as a wife doesn’t necessarily make me successful as a business woman as well. There are varying degrees of success depending on what situation you are in.

Regardless, the fundamental backbone of success is trying your best. If you put forth your best effort, without harming others in the process, than you are a successful person. Mark Zuckerberg says, “Find that thing you’re passionate about.”

Can’t wait to build wealth with you guys! Hope you enjoyed it! Be blessed!


Love Always,

Team Holmes



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