What LANGUAGE Are you Speaking?

What are the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES?


Words of Affirmation– This language uses words to affirm other people.

Acts of Service– For this language, actions speak louder than words.

Receiving Gifts– For some people, they feel most loved when they receive a gift.

Quality Time– This language is ALL about giving the other person your undivided attention.

Physical Touch– For this person, the appropriate touch speaks volumes!



Some people may have more than one of the 5 love languages that are dominant and some people may speak more than one love language fluently.  It is important to find out the love language of the person you’re in relationship with and learn to speak it fluently. Let’s go deeper into them with some very practical ways you can speak your partner’s love language. Love languages don’t necessarily have to be for just your spouse. You can speak them when it comes to your children, family, and friends.


Words of Affirmation– For a spouse whose primary love language is Words of Affirmation, reminding them of how attracted you are to them goes a LONG way. It’s something they will remember throughout the day.


Acts of Service– If your spouse has had a stressful day at work and they normally do the cooking or dishes as apart of their normal routine, take the load off of them and do it for them. They will greatly appreciate you!!!!


Receiving Gifts– You don’t have to spend a lot of money to speak this language. You know all of the places your spouse will visit throughout the day. You can leave a small gift in several of those places where he or she will find them. And even if this is the case with family or children, you can do this for them. They will love it.


Quality Time– You can plan something for you, your spouse, or your family. Turn phones off and just give each other your undivided attention.  This is huge for my dad. When he takes us all out to eat and we are having a family affair, the first thing he does is confiscate our cell phones lol. We all have to surrender them in the middle of the table and talk to each other. I love it!


Physical Touch– Your spouse may be frustrated with work or a project, and an unexpected hug or massage could be exactly what they need to push through. Don’t forget to cuddle up or put your arm around your spouse when you’re enjoying a movie or sitting closely if this is their love language.


Jim and I are always discussing marriage, and we are 100% committed to doing everything possible to make ours a successful one.  We took the 5 love languages test that we found on www.5lovelanguages.com and found out what our primary love languages are.  It gave us lots of insight on how each other feel about things.  You ever think it’s a nice gesture to give someone some expenses roses, just to find out they don’t even like flowers? It was a nice gesture, but wouldn’t you rather them be happy with what you chose. That’s what the 5 love languages test did for us and we enjoyed studying them.


I’ll let Jim talk about his experience with the 5 love languages test.

Hey World, It’s Ya Boy, J-hov in the Range Rov lol!

When taking the test, just make sure you have some time. It’s not long but it does make you think a little.  I found out that I already spoke my wife’s love language fluently.  Her primary love language is Acts of Service. So let me tell yall what ya Boy did for the wife on Sunday.


So, I had just got off after working a double, right? Got off Sunday morning and I knew my wife would be at church. I knew she had planned to go to the grocery store, clean the house, and cook dinner later that day so she had a whole list of chores to do and she assumed I would sleep all day after working two shifts, giving her time to get her stuff done.


What did I do???????? I’m glad you asked!!!

I got off work, stopped by the grocery store, got some fruit and all of the stuff we needed.  I went home and did ALL of my wife’s chores.  I cleaned the entire house. (NOT STRAIGHTEN IT UP!) I deep cleaned the house, counter tops, rearranged the living room and kitchen, cleaned out the refrigerator, washed dishes, then vacuumed and folded the clothes she washed.


When she came home, she thought she was in another house lol! I ain’t feeling myself or nothing but I did GOOD, yall. She couldn’t even speak lol. She said, “Babe, you did ALL my chores!” I’m like men can clean, Babe, this is light work lol! Anything for my wife; I live to make her happy so I got to speak her love language fluently.  She said, I don’t have to do ANYTHING accept cook. And I said, oh no you don’t, I’m going to take you out. So we even went out to dinner and got to celebrate 6 months of marriage.  There is no such thing as men chores and women chores. As the head of MY household, I’m responsible for every kind of chore there is anyway, my wife just takes them off of my hands and it was nice to turn the tables on her this time! I got her REAL GOOD!


Be encouraged! Have a Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Love Always,

Team Holmes




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