10 Daily Habits of Wealthy People


On our journal to happily ever after, we have decided that wealth building is a must in our marriage.  So we have been researching and reading like crazy.  We have subscriptions to Entrepreneur, Time Magazine, Dave Ramsey, Huffington Post, Business Insider , as well as Insider Success.  We came across 10 Reoccurring habits of some of the most wealthiest people and wanted to share them with you because we want you to be wealthy too! Come on y’all let’s live the abundant life TOGETHER!

  1.  The habit that reoccurred the most was READING. 88% of wealthy people read every single day for at least 30 minutes and 67% of the rich only watch television for one hour or less per day. They are constantly reading information about finances, their business or career that would make them more valuable to their clients or customers. The most successful people read to improve themselves.  By increasing their knowledge, they are able to see more opportunities, which translate into more money.
  2. The most highly successful people SET GOALS DAILY & VISUALIZE.  80% of the wealthy are focused on a single goal.  Self made millionaire, Daniel Ally says, “If you can view it, you can do it.”
  3. Among the wealthy 93% attributed their success to a MENTOR.  Mentors actively participate in your growth by teaching you what to do and what not to do.
  4. Wealthy people RISE EARLY.  44% of wealthy people wake up at least 3 hours before work starts to get a head start on their day, while everyone else is hitting the snooze button.
  5. They NETWORK.  Wealthy people hang out with each other.  They dedicate time to widen their circle of acquaintance and influence. When networking, you can build valuable relationships  that result in more customers or clients. 79% of the wealthy network 5 hours or more each month.
  6. They constantly INVEST in themselves and are constantly educating themselves because the wealthy believe in lifelong educational and self improvement.
  7. They EXERCISE.  76% of the wealthy exercise aerobically 4 to 5 days per week.  To be successful in life, your body must perform at the highest level, so let’s hit that treadmill y’all.
  8. AFFIRMING.  Did you know that the average human speaks to themselves about 12,000 times per day? Well the difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person is what they say to themselves. What you say to yourself can dramatically alter your life. So speak life and not death into your situations!!!
  9. They WRITE TO DO LISTS. 81% of the wealthy maintain to do lists and journal their goals.
  10. They MEDITATE. “Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had.” That’s what Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates said.  Oprah says she sits still for 20 minutes twice a day to meditate. For us, TeamHolmes, that means turning off the TV, turning off the phones, and quietly seeking the Lord about what His plans are for our lives.

What’s Good Y’all; It’s Ya Boy Jim

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope this information was informative. Me and the Wife are definitely on the road to financial freedom and we trying to take all of you with us. What I liked the most about researching this information is the fact that these 10 things are very practical and are things we have already been doing. It’s a matter of simply changing your mindset and your daily habits to change your life.

Until Next Time,

Team Holmes

The husband of Integrity




does what he says

says what he does

does the right thing


Does growing up differently have to ruin your relationship?

People grow up in extremely different environments and these environments can sometimes shape the way people interact when they get into relationships. 
Suppose you grew up poor and had to work for everything and are extremely frugal, but you are in relationship with someone who has had everything handed to them, so they spend money all of the time while you are constantly trying to save it.
Suppose you grew up with two parents in the home and your spouse was raised by a single parent, so your views on marriage are completely different because you haven’t seen it modeled growing up. 
Suppose you grew up in a family oriented environment where everyone ate dinner together at the dining room table, and your spouse is used to going their bedroom or eating in front of the television. 
Suppose you grew up, like me, with Rev. Dr. Freddie Rouse Anderson in a Christian household, where we were absolutely NOT allowed to celebrate Halloween, but then you marry someone who does not think their children should be deprived of participating in the festivities just because you could not. 
Suppose you grew up spoiled rotten, where you were not expected to wash dishes, clean up after yourself, do your own laundry or make your own money, but then get into a relationship with someone who worked for every dime they ever made and now expect you to continue spoiling them.
Suppose your family goes on multiple vacations throughout the year and your spouse has never been anywhere before and wants to now prevent you from traveling.
All of these are real scenarios that happen in relationships, and I’m sure you can come up with plenty more. These are issues that can create friction in your marriage but they don’t have to ruin it. I spoke with a woman who differences in growing up caused her and her husband to divorce.  She grew up extremely poor and began working quite early in life.  Her ex husband’s family was rich and he had never had to work a day in his life. He had a huge inheritance and spent money like crazy, while she saved money like crazy.  When they got married, he expected her to pay all of the bills because he never had to worry about such things. All of his money belonged to him so he decided to spend it on expensive clothes, gambling, and anything else he felt like spending it on.  He took lavish vacations when she was unable to get off from work and this behavior destroyed their marriage.  They ended in a terrible and costly divorce.
I was sorry to hear of her story and it made me think about plenty of people in relationships who grow up differently, including my husband and I. But we have determined to use that for the better and not for the worse. I’ll turn it over to Jim and he can explain how we use our different backgrounds to better our marriage.
What’s good yall! It’s Ya Boy!
My wife and I definitely grew up differently.  I didn’t see marriage modeled the way she did so if you ask her, she would tell you I was NEVER getting married and I meant it! She was extremely sheltered, while I ran the streets.  She is book smart, while I am street smart.  She grew up going to Disney World as a child and going on vacations every single year while I did not.  There are so many other ways we are different in our up bringing but our marriage will never suffer because of it; it actually balances us both out.
When we had marriage counseling, Pastor Peggy taught us that marriage is a designer original. You design your marriage! You get to write your story the way you want to.  And that’s what we are doing, by deciding to blend our differences.  It wasn’t until she took me on a cruise that I realized this is something I need to be doing all the time. There are so many things she has learned from me and that I have learned from her. Our differences actually create a healthy balance for our marriage.  If my wife is being extreme or emotional, she knows she can come to me to balance her out because I’m all LOGIC. She may want to shelter our kids while I may want to give them a little more freedom lol, (maybe NOT)! We will have to keep you guys posted on that.
Don’t ever let differences ruin your relationship.  It’s important to be understanding and open minded to how each other was raised and decide if it’s something you want to continue with, remove completely or just come up with your own brand new family traditions. We keep learning new things as we take this journey. Feel free to share your tips with us.
Be encouraged!
Until Next Time,
Mr. and Mrs. Holmes

Jesus is the relationship expert

The World’s Foremost Expert on

Relationship is

Jesus Christ

Trust Him with your marriage!


He Is Risen


Happy Resurrection Sunday from Team Holmes!

Today we Celebrate our King!


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What LANGUAGE Are you Speaking?

What are the 5 LOVE LANGUAGES?


Words of Affirmation– This language uses words to affirm other people.

Acts of Service– For this language, actions speak louder than words.

Receiving Gifts– For some people, they feel most loved when they receive a gift.

Quality Time– This language is ALL about giving the other person your undivided attention.

Physical Touch– For this person, the appropriate touch speaks volumes!



Some people may have more than one of the 5 love languages that are dominant and some people may speak more than one love language fluently.  It is important to find out the love language of the person you’re in relationship with and learn to speak it fluently. Let’s go deeper into them with some very practical ways you can speak your partner’s love language. Love languages don’t necessarily have to be for just your spouse. You can speak them when it comes to your children, family, and friends.


Words of Affirmation– For a spouse whose primary love language is Words of Affirmation, reminding them of how attracted you are to them goes a LONG way. It’s something they will remember throughout the day.


Acts of Service– If your spouse has had a stressful day at work and they normally do the cooking or dishes as apart of their normal routine, take the load off of them and do it for them. They will greatly appreciate you!!!!


Receiving Gifts– You don’t have to spend a lot of money to speak this language. You know all of the places your spouse will visit throughout the day. You can leave a small gift in several of those places where he or she will find them. And even if this is the case with family or children, you can do this for them. They will love it.


Quality Time– You can plan something for you, your spouse, or your family. Turn phones off and just give each other your undivided attention.  This is huge for my dad. When he takes us all out to eat and we are having a family affair, the first thing he does is confiscate our cell phones lol. We all have to surrender them in the middle of the table and talk to each other. I love it!


Physical Touch– Your spouse may be frustrated with work or a project, and an unexpected hug or massage could be exactly what they need to push through. Don’t forget to cuddle up or put your arm around your spouse when you’re enjoying a movie or sitting closely if this is their love language.


Jim and I are always discussing marriage, and we are 100% committed to doing everything possible to make ours a successful one.  We took the 5 love languages test that we found on www.5lovelanguages.com and found out what our primary love languages are.  It gave us lots of insight on how each other feel about things.  You ever think it’s a nice gesture to give someone some expenses roses, just to find out they don’t even like flowers? It was a nice gesture, but wouldn’t you rather them be happy with what you chose. That’s what the 5 love languages test did for us and we enjoyed studying them.


I’ll let Jim talk about his experience with the 5 love languages test.

Hey World, It’s Ya Boy, J-hov in the Range Rov lol!

When taking the test, just make sure you have some time. It’s not long but it does make you think a little.  I found out that I already spoke my wife’s love language fluently.  Her primary love language is Acts of Service. So let me tell yall what ya Boy did for the wife on Sunday.


So, I had just got off after working a double, right? Got off Sunday morning and I knew my wife would be at church. I knew she had planned to go to the grocery store, clean the house, and cook dinner later that day so she had a whole list of chores to do and she assumed I would sleep all day after working two shifts, giving her time to get her stuff done.


What did I do???????? I’m glad you asked!!!

I got off work, stopped by the grocery store, got some fruit and all of the stuff we needed.  I went home and did ALL of my wife’s chores.  I cleaned the entire house. (NOT STRAIGHTEN IT UP!) I deep cleaned the house, counter tops, rearranged the living room and kitchen, cleaned out the refrigerator, washed dishes, then vacuumed and folded the clothes she washed.


When she came home, she thought she was in another house lol! I ain’t feeling myself or nothing but I did GOOD, yall. She couldn’t even speak lol. She said, “Babe, you did ALL my chores!” I’m like men can clean, Babe, this is light work lol! Anything for my wife; I live to make her happy so I got to speak her love language fluently.  She said, I don’t have to do ANYTHING accept cook. And I said, oh no you don’t, I’m going to take you out. So we even went out to dinner and got to celebrate 6 months of marriage.  There is no such thing as men chores and women chores. As the head of MY household, I’m responsible for every kind of chore there is anyway, my wife just takes them off of my hands and it was nice to turn the tables on her this time! I got her REAL GOOD!


Be encouraged! Have a Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Love Always,

Team Holmes





It’s Holmes Confessions Monday Yall!

Well we have not physically moved but Teamholmes has moved to a new platform so our blog looks a little different. We hope everyone is enjoying Holy Week.  We will be blogging about the 5 love languages this week so stay tuned. And visit us as often as you can at Holmesconfessionbooth.com

God loves you and so do we!!

Love Always,

Team Holmes

Date Nite In

Date Nite In

Hey Yall! It’s Monday Confessions from Team Holmes!

Being with someone for so long can cause you to believe you have done EVERYTHING together, so how do you continue to enjoy eachother?  Because we have been best friends for over 15 years, we pretty much have done almost everything together so to keep from getting bored in marriage, you can always go back and revisit those things and even try new things.

We are the kings and queens of eating out since we are huge foodies.  But it’s Monday and we are on an extreme savings challenge so we thought we would have a date night in. We went to google and found a recipe for Southern Fried Chicken Strips. Normally we would just run to Popeyes and get this same meal, but we decided to recreate it at home.

We followed this recipe to a T, so we could figure out exactly what we would want to do differently next time.

Here are the Ingredients

3 Eggs, 1/3 cup of water, 1 cup of hot sauce, 1teaspoon of pepper, and garlic powder, and oil.

Southern Fried Chicken Directions

In a medium size bowl, beat the eggs with the water. Add enough hot sauce so the egg mixture is bright orange. In another bowl, combine the flour and pepper. Season the chicken with the house seasoning. Dip the seasoned chicken in the egg, and then coat well in the flour mixture.

Heat the oil to 350 degrees F in a deep pot. Do not fill the pot more than 1/2 full with oil.

Fry the chicken in the oil until brown and crisp. Dark meat takes longer than white meat. It should take dark meat about 13 to 14 minutes, white meat around 8 to 10 minutes.

We thought the ingredients were so extra and we had no idea how they were going to come out but we did exactly what it said.

In my opinion, they came out really good! But I see why they say season generously. I think we could have seasoned it a little more. I’ll let Jim give his take on them.

What’s good world, It’s ya boy J-Hood! I think they came out perfect! It was my idea, so I’m taking the credit. I don’t think we needed to do anything different. These strips are banging and it was fun cooking with my baby!

Well thanks for reading, we gotta get to eating!


Team Holmes

The Anatomy of an Affair

We decided to write about some challenges that opposite work schedules can bring into the marriage and some helpful solutions to keep the relationship healthy! Our Pastors told us during marriage counseling that the devil was going to come for our marriage and he certainly did.

Let’s examine the anatomy of an affair. Jim and I are always talking about the rise and fall of the family and we understand that affairs are one of the biggest reasons why families fall.

Did you know that the #1 reason people go to the clinical psychologist is because of an affair, and get this; it’s normally the woman who has the affair.  The notion of having an affair has become big business.  There is even a multi million dollar company who’s slogan is, Life is short, Have an Affair.

They start off with, I didn’t mean to. It just happened. Now nobody wakes up in the morning, has a cup of coffee and says, “I think I’ll have an affair today!”  No, it doesn’t work that way but nothing just happens.

In fact, by the time there is sexual intimacy or physical contact, the affair is already considered to be full grown.  Now, you may be thinking, this has nothing to do with me, I haven’t cheated on anyone and this doesn’t apply to my life, but don’t check out on me yet.

Guess what the Lord showed us???? The steps that lead to a physical affair are the exact same steps that lead to a spiritual affair. So maybe this isn’t about cheating on a spouse, but have to cheated on GOD???? Please be advised that if you have given yourself to Christ, you are in a spiritual marriage.

Affairs all start the same way, when complacency sets in and sometimes the enemy will hit us when we get comfortable and let our guard down. We recognize that a great relationship will demand EVERYTHING! So if you want to get to the next level, trust me you have to work twice as hard.

One early morning during my morning devotion, the Lord lead me to 2 Samuel 11 and begin to uncover some things about affairs in this very familiar passage of scripture.  This affair is between David and Bathsheba.  So basically, David saw Bathsheba bathing one afternoon and he sent someone to find out who she was then sent for her. She was the wife of Uriah the Hittite.  Now when Bathsheba came to the palace, the Bible says she slept with David. She returned home and later found out that she was pregnant and made David of aware of this.  So David tried to cover all of this up by sending for Uriah.  He told him to go home to his wife.  But Uriah did not go home.  He slept that night at the king’s palace guard.  When David saw that Uriah did not go home, He asked, “Why didn’t you go home last night after being away for so long?” But Uriah replied that his men were camping in the open fields and how could he just leave them and go sleep with his wife. Long story short, David invited Uriah to dinner and got him drunk, but even then he could not get Uriah to go home to his wife. Again he slept at the palace entrance with the king’s palace guard.  Since David’s cover up didn’t work, he sent Joab a message to have Uriah sent to the front line in battle so that he may be killed.

I shared this story with Jim and we analyzed it together. Now what we found extremely interesting about this story is as David called for Bathsheba, she immediately slept with him.  She did not have to but she did because she had been neglected. Her husband was a work aholic who valued work over his time with her. I’m guilty of feeling like this.

James works 2 demanding jobs and one is overnight, making his schedule completely opposite of mine because I work in the morning.  He sometimes works 16 hours a day and that can be 4 days out of the week.  So what do you think he wants to do when he gets home? SLEEP! What do you think I want to do when I get home? Harass him LOL!

Some people see us and say, “I wish I had what yall have! Yall look so happy. I want a perfect marriage too!! Yall must never have an argument!” The only thing that is true is YES, we are happy, but we are HUMANS like everyone else. We argue and experience the same challenges that everyone else faces in marriage. I always think im my head, “Don’t say you want what I have!” My husband works two demanding jobs and because one of them is overnite, that means I sleep alone most nights. DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT??????  But then the Holy Spirit would check my attitude and show me some things that I needed to be doing during this season of our lives. And reminded me that only the Lord can give an understanding wife. (Prov 19:14)

I’ll let Jim explain his take on the matter.

What’s good world! It’s J-Hov in the range rov, JK! I feel like ole boy Uriah got what’s coming to him.  The way I see it is, he wanted to work, work, work! I’m not saying Bathsheba wasn’t wrong for sleeping with the King, but Uriah neglected his wife and ultimately lost his life because of it.

I had a co-worker at my job who worked just as hard as me. He worked very long hours and he would come home and sleep, sleep, sleep! His wife ended up finding someone else on the side and left him because of this.

I have decided, even though I do work 2 jobs, that I will not end up like Uriah or my co-worker! Why? Because I value my marriage above all else. I can always get another job but not another wife. Well I could get another wife, But not my WIFE! I’d have no choice but to settle.  It’s all about balance.  Even though I work 2 jobs that demand  so much of my time, my wife comes first. So I will work 10 at nite until 8 in the morning, then go to my second job at 9 in the morning and work until 5:30 pm and then come home, take a shower and take my wife out.  It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I never neglect my wife because I am tired. I’ll sleep when I die lol! Pray for me yall lol!

So we have come up with some solutions to dealing with our scheduling conflicts and if you guys have some to share feel free to give us tips.

1. Always Always Always make it a priority to spending time together

2. Don’t get complacent

3.  Enforce date nite no matter what

4. Experience new things together

5. TALK!!!! Listen to eachother and be open to each other’s suggestions

Thanks for reading guys! We know that we are not alone and that all relationships experience friction. Love yall! We pray that God blesses all relationships and gives us the tools to fight the enemy when he comes for our marriage! Be blessed!

Holmes News:

1. We are still saving like crazy with our Savings Plan on Steroids

2. We are preparing for vacation! So trying to lose weight!

3. Photo to the left: Our date night at the Vanderbilt! We had a blast playing pool!