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Welcome to the Holmes Confession Booth


Hey There!

We’re Jim and Maine! We are best friends of 15 years who one day decided, Hey let’s get married! We started this Blog to journalize our Journey to Happily Ever After. We recognize that God has a plan for all of our lives and enjoy encouraging others to live their BEST LIFE.

We call it the Holmes Confession Booth because we are able to be transparent about marriage, friendship, struggles, financial freedom, and life in general! Black marriages get a bad reputation and do not have to be filled with drama on top of drama. We notice that the notion of having an affair is big business, but we encourage happy, healthy, and whole marriages and we know that it can be successful. Not because we are some sort of know it alls, or marriage gurus; we are just two regular people that God put together to help encourage others who may struggle in the area of relationships.

We will be sharing our savings challenges, videos, and photos so stay tuned!!! {#smileys123.tonqueout}